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The longevity of vinyl as a medium for recorded music owes much to its high density yet ductile composition.

Being inert and dense, it not only keeps unwanted vibrations to an absolute minimum but is also devoid of any detrimental micro-air pockets which can manifest as very slight but still audible pops and clicks.

Unlike other record mats, Goldmark Vinyl Platter Mats ensure there are no added resonances to interfere with the playback. What you get instead is a clean, detailed sound and a very true listening experience.

These mats have been designed for your listening pleasure, so you can hear the sound of vinyl in its purest form. They add nothing, nor do they take anything away, they just allow the record being played to naturally shine.

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The Man from Mars?

Vinyl has been associated with high quality audio since the middle of last century. Since 1948 to be precise, when Columbia Records engineer Peter Goldmark discovered that by using vinyl rather than the traditional shellac, he could not only triple the length that could fit on a disc, he could also deepen the groove and increase the fidelity of the sound. The LP record was born.

When rock and roll came along just a few years later, vinyl was the medium that carried the sound from the studio to the radio station, and into households across the USA and around the world.

Vinyl continued to be the dominant media for music distribution for the next two decades. When Compact Discs began to outsell vinyl records in the late 1980s, the discerning listener kept the faith, valuing its warmth over the coldness of digital recordings.

In the 2000s, as the popularity of the CD started to wane, vinyl enjoyed a resurgence with a wave of interest amongst an new generation discovering the history and romance of the format for the first time. By 2010, the vinyl was once again now the most popular physical format for recorded music. After 70+ years, Goldmark’s discovery has outlasted many changes in technology and has still not been bettered.

Goldmark’s inspiration for the vinyl LP came after becoming frustrated while listening to a 78 rpm recording of Brahms at a party. As well as the distracting surface noise, the piece was recorded over several discs that the host had to swap over, interrupting the flow of the music each time.

When he began developing his vastly improved version, it became clear that vinyl could not only produce a cleaner sound but also allow much smaller grooves, enabling a slower turntable speed and the ability to fit much more music on each side.

While this would be massive achievement for most people, it was only one chapter of a remarkable life. Goldmark is also credited with inventing the earliest commercial colour television system, the first video recorder, and he even worked with NASA to take the first photos of the moon’s surface from the Lunar Orbiter.

An incredible legacy from an extraordinary and inspiring man!



Goldmark Vinyl Platter Mats are available in two editions

White with Stroboscopic Calibration / Black Reverse

Material: Highest Grade Virgin Vinyl with a static neutral finish
Side One: UK/European Strobe Design
Side Two: Black
Diameter: 302mm
Weight: >215g
Thickness: 1.62mm

Super Crystal Clear

Material: Highest Grade Virgin Vinyl with a static neutral finish
Side One: Crystal Clear (Transparent)
Side Two: Crystal Clear (Transparent)
Diameter: 302mm
Weight: >215g
Thickness: 1.62mm