Manufacturing CD, DVD, cassettes and vinyl records for over 16 years

You can trust in us for…

  • a very competitive price
  • quality product to highest industry standards
  • maintaining agreed timeframes
  • excellent and honest customer service
  • taking pride in each and every job we do
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The Birth

With decades of industry experience behind the founding director the company was formed with encouragement from key industry professionals wanting to entrust their releases to a dependable company able to meet their ongoing demands.

One million units produced

Yes 1,000,000 units manufactured. When you consider that all our customers are small independent companies and artists that’s quite an achievement.

Rich joins

Richard Langston joins the company as Sales Director. It was very much a natural step as he shares the company’s values and goals.

Vinyl Pressing capabilities are increased to meet a sharp rise in demand.

Still Counting

Sees 3,000,000 units produced and we’re still counting.

Yes, it’s been 10 years so far and it’s been enjoyable and immensely satisfying decade. Whilst the company continually evolves it remains true and just as committed to its original core values of providing the very best in terms of quality, service and prices.


Battling on through a challenging year and whilst the industry raises costs we remain committed in being highly competitive without any compromise to product quality and service.

Demand for Vinyl out-strips CD & DVD combined!


Demand for vinyl still remains strong and is the most popular physical music format.

Developed and launched a very special platter mat for record players to help improve the sonic playing performance of records on the majority of record players. For more information see our Vinyl Platter Mats page.

Carefully selected music performers are being booked through the year and into next for live one-night appearances. All the latest information can be found on our Events page.

Join us, we’d be only too pleased to include you in our journey together.

Meet the Directors

Paul Gooderham


With a long-term career within the industry, dating back to the days of video cassettes (VHS and Betamax) Paul has always championed and served the smaller independent artists and labels.
Considered by some to be a bit old school, Paul prefers to own and drive older cars (must have a cassette player), wears a wind-up watch and enjoys rooting around charity shops for vinyl records.


Richard Langston


Richard is a massive music enthusiast with an ever-growing vinyl collection which he can’t bring himself to slim-down. He’s often to be found at gigs and has even put on the odd event in Tring – artists include Andy Fairweather Low, The Blockheads and The Bluetones. Check the events tab to see who’s next. Richard would do well on the Pop Master music quiz if only he could find the courage to put his knowledge to the test!